Wyze Cam Pan Setup

Wyze cam pan works as a security agent for your home and office. Wyze Cam Pan Setup provides 93-degree vertical coverage, 1080p HD video, 110-degree coverage per second, and so on. You can connect your Wyze pan cam with Alexa or Google Assistant. This camera consists of 6 infrared LED lights that give you a better night vision experience. Whenever Wyze pan cam detects any motion or sound, it records a 12-seconds video and sends a notification to you. For local storage, you can insert a micro SD card in your Wyze cam pan. If you want to know How to Setup Wyze Cam Pan then this blog is for you. 

Quick steps to setup the Wyze cam pan with the Wyze app

Installation of the Wyze cam pan is very easy. Following are the steps to set up the Wyze cam pan with the Wyze app:

Step 1: First and foremost, open Google play store on your smartphone and download the Wyze app.

Step 2: After that, connect the camera to the power source and wait for a yellow or amber light.

Step 3: Then, open the Wyze app on your smartphone and hit the “+” icon, then tap on the “Wyze cam pan” button.

Step 4: Now, press the power button and hold it for a couple of seconds. When you hear “ready to connect”, release the button.

Step 5: Next, move to the app and tap on the ellipsis on the top-right corner and select the  “add a product” option. Then, add your device with the correct name.

Step 6: On the setup window, follow all the on-screen instructions to complete the setup of the Wyze cam pan.

Step 7: Now, select the 2.4 GHz WiFi network and type your WiFi password in the given field. Please note that the Wyze cam pan does not work on the 5 GHz WiFi network.

Step 8: Then, scan the QR code on the Wyze app by using the camera lenses. When you are done with scanning, you will receive a notification saying “QR code scanner”. 

Step 9: In the next step, click on the “I heard the voice command” button. 

Step 10: Now, you can use the device settings to select the new label for the Wyze cam pan. 

If you are having more than one Wyze camera and want to connect to a new WiFi network then follow the above-mentioned steps for each one. 

Settings of Wyze cam pan

You can customize your Wyze cam pan with the Wyze app. Following are the settings of Wyze cam pan:

  • You can use the directional pad on the Wyze app to move the camera.
  • To control the movement of the camera, go to the “advanced settings” tab and tap on motion control.
  • You can scan your room at 360-degree with “Wyze pan scanning” mode.
  • You can track the motions with a Wyze cam pan. To track the motion, move to more options and tap on the motion tracking option.

So, that’s all about the Wyze Cam Pan Setup. Hopefully, by following the above-mentioned steps you will get the answer to your question: How to Setup Wyze Cam Pan? So, follow these simple sweets and set up your Wyze cam pan like a pro.