CCTV camera installation is going out of fashion because they are costly, and technical knowledge is required to install them. Now, smart cameras like Blink mini cameras are replacing them very quickly. Because these smart cameras are easy to install and provide cloud storage. Blink Mini Camera Setup helps you to detect the motion and provide live view and night vision. You can set up your Blink cameras with the Alexa app.

You can use the voice control features of the Blink mini camera to connect to your family and friends. Before using these unique features, you need to complete the Blink Mini Setup. If you don’t know How to set up Blink Mini Camera, then don’t panic. In this blog, we will discuss the simple and easy steps to set up the Blink mini camera.

In order to set up a Blink mini camera, a reliable, stable internet, and a Blink app is required. After meeting these requirements, let’s start the Blink mini camera setup procedure:

1: First and foremost, go to the google play store or App Store to download the Blink home monitor app on your smartphone or iOS.

2: Once you are done with downloading and installing the app, open the app and set up your profile on the Blink home monitor app.

3: After that, go to the home page and tap on the “+” icon to add the Blink mini camera. 

4: Then, scan a QR code, or you can type the serial number of your Blink camera and then enter your device name.

5: Now, plug your Blink mini camera in the power socket and wait until you see the LED lights on your camera.

6: When you see a blinking blue light and a stable green light on your camera, tap on the “discover device” option.

7: Next, select the WiFi network from the list of available networks, enter your password, and tap on the “done” button.

8: On the next screen, you can select the “grant microphone permission” option, or you can select the “ask me later” option as per your preference.

9: In the last step, select the “live video” icon if you want to view the live video or select the “talk” option to speak.


Go through the below-mentioned steps to use the two-way feature of the Blink mini camera. Make sure you have been granted permission to use the microphone.

1: For iOS, go to the settings, select Blink, and enable the microphone. For Android, move to the settings, choose Blink, then tap on app permission, and finally hit the “microphone” option.

2: Now, click the live view button and then press the talk button.

3: Then, wait for 1-2 seconds and start speaking. 

4: Once you are done with speaking, take your finger from the button.

5: the live view will stop after 5 minutes. 

Wrap up

Hopefully, the above-mentioned steps will help you to get the answer to your question: How to Setup Blink Mini Camera? Still, if you encounter any issues with the Blink Mini Camera Setup, feel free to contact us.