Blink is a high-security camera for home and office use. It has modern technology, exclusive features, and AI technology that helps in detecting motions and avoids unnecessary monitoring. But, if your Blink camera motion detection is not working then hook to this blog and know how to fix it. There might be several reasons behind this dysfunction but we will provide you with multiple solutions to solve this error.

When there is a problem inside the blink camera system then it will display an error message “thumbnail failed” or “camera busy”. When the sync module is not interacting with the camera. The actual trouble is with the main module, hence it does not function properly. 

Read the steps mentioned in this section to learn how to fix blink camera not detecting motion;

  • Firstly, make sure the wifi connection is fine and the internet is active and stable. Go to the camera settings and verify the signal strength. In case, the signals are less than three, then there is a problem in the Camera sync module. Move the Camera sync module closer to the wifi network.
  • Sometimes there is a technical fault or the system is frozen due to power fluctuations so perform a power cycle function on your blink camera. Any small or minor technical error will be resolved this way. To perform the power cycle follow the steps given below;
  1. Switch off the Blink camera and wifi router.
  2. Wait for a few seconds and let the devices be idle.
  3. Switch on the camera and the router network. 
  4. Once the system is rebooted, the software will startup.
  • Sometimes, the batteries heat up causing camera dysfunction. Follow a similar kind of power cycle with the batteries installed in the camera. Take out the batteries, keep them aside, and install them after a few minutes. Now, check if the Blink starts working.
  • Still, if your Blink camera is not picking up motion then try using the small USB wire. Assume, there is an issue with the power connection then replace the batteries with the USB cord. Now, see if the camera functions properly or not.
  • Check the Blink camera’s settings and see if there has been any unwanted modification in it. Some camera settings hinder the motion detection feature by blocking it. So, check the settings and disable anything that is obstructing this feature.

These were some important tips to follow if your Blink camera motion detection is not working. Motion detection has come in very handy nowadays but if it stops working, the real problem begins. Once you know how to fix Blink cameras not detecting motion, you can solve this problem as and when it arises. In case of any trouble or doubts, get in touch with our technical support team and receive the required help to resolve the motion-detecting problem. Resume effortless monitoring!

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