How to Setup Wireless camera

To keep an eye on your home and office when you are on the go, call for a wireless camera installation. By installing wireless cameras all across your place, you can check what is going on in your absence. You just need to install the camera app on your smartphone and login with the correct details. On this page, you will learn how to install the camera and set it up for monitoring.

How To Do Wireless Camera Setup?

  1. Location of the wireless camera – The first step in the wireless camera setup is its location. Place the camera close to the power outlet or use the wire extensions to supply power at the desired spot and then check whether the internet connectivity is fine.
  2. Camera configuration – Next and the most important is wireless camera configuration. The wireless camera configuration process is the same for all the cameras. So follow the points given below;
  • Plug your wireless camera into a functional power outlet. 
  • Ensure that the camera is receiving WiFi signals.
  • Connect your camera to the router by pressing the WPS button.
  • Now, install the CD and open the setup wizard on it.
  • Ensure your system is connected to the same WiFi network to install the CD.
  • Update the camera’s firmware and then run the setup wizard once again.
  • If the setup is not complete, visit the camera configuration web page from the main settings. 
  • Paste the local IP address from the settings in the web browser.
  • Log in by using the admin username and passkey.
  1. Motion detection features of wireless cameras – With motion detection features, the camera needn’t be recording all the time; it will automatically capture a motion or activity recorded, such as walking in or out, etc. You will be sent the captured image via email or FTP alerts. So, you can open the configuration web UI to access the email and FTP features. Follow the steps given below;
  • Launch the web interface and press the Setup option.
  • From the side menu, choose the Enable or Activate option. 
  • After making the desired changes, click on the Save settings option.

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Wireless Camera Setup

You can perform the wireless camera setup effortlessly without any prior technical knowledge. The wireless setup is similar for all the cameras, even if different manufacturers manufacture them. Some steps might be different for selected brands but, you can get the setup guide for almost all the wireless cameras here.

Troubleshooting Guide

Due to any discrepancy, if you cannot complete the setup, check the troubleshooting guide for your wireless camera on our website.

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